About FlickrSync

[Note July’2014: If you’re getting error 403, this is due to a change in flickr access permissions. Please upgrade to the current version of FlickrSync.]


FlickrSync is a freeware photo synchronization application for flickr users. It displays your local folders and your flickr sets and it can establish synchronization rules between them. This way you can manage all your photos locally and FlickrSync will keep them updated in flickr.

Synchronization is only done one way: Your local folders or images are never changed; Everything is updated in flickr to match your local information.

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Main Features

· Browse local folders and flickr sets and match your local folders to the corresponding flickr sets.

· Create new Sets when uploading new folders.

· Define flickr permissions for each folder and other synchronization options

· Preview all operations (including photo thumbnails) before applying them to flickr.

· Synchronize specific folders or all selected folders

· Synchronize all image information, including metadata like title and description, keywords/tags and even geo information.

· Use different synchronization methods according to your needs (ex: by date taken, by caption, by filename).

· Define optional filters for each folder. For example: only synchronize to flickr images that have a certain keyword/tag, or a minimal star rating on a specific folder.

· Support for all flickr image formats

· Supported under Windows XP SP2 (or higher) and Windows Vista

· Run unattended after initial configuration for automatic synchronization

If you are using version or below, we
highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. Take a look at all the new features on What’s New.

FlickrSync requires Windows XP SP2 or later and .Net 3.0
(it will be installed automatically)

More Help:

· Main Window - What to Sync

· Properties Window - How to Sync

· View and Sync - Synchronizing

· Menu Options

· Default Settings (Preferences)

· Technical aspects


Future Releases:
There's a lot of ideas about new features for FlickrSync. You can checkout a list of future developments
here. If you have additional suggestions, send us a mail to flickrsync@gmail.com or submit your ideas or changes to the Codeplex Issue Tracker or Discussion Forum.

We are currently getting feedback from version 0.8
.5 and will decide on which features to include on version 0.9.

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